Chapter 1049 – Supreme Dragon Bone

Chapter 1049 – Supreme Dragon Bone

Was there a Divine Dragon here?

That was impossible!

Dragon One’s eyes widened. The majesty and absolute dignity contained in this echoing roar could not be wrong! As this sound fell into his ears, it even caused a faint trace of awe and reverence to appear in his heart. These were the most ancient memories of his bloodline resonating with this roar.

Although Dragon One had the perfect dragon race bloodline, this bloodline had been transplanted into his body after birth. And, the so-called ‘perfect dragon race bloodline’ only meant that half of his blood was dragon blood. Even then, the quality was actually relatively low.

In front of a true Divine Dragon, the blood within his body would give birth to fear and awe, as if his entire being were worshipping the ancestral gods.

“That is a dragon’s cry, there can be no mistake! How could this be!? Although the God Beast Mystic Realm is said to have once had God Beasts, that is a matter from countless hundreds of millions of years ago. The Laws of this universe have already collapsed, turning this place into a completely different space, and with the new Laws that followed after, it became impossible for any God Beast to be born in these lands ever again.”

“It shouldn’t be a God Beast, but…”

Just as Dragon One was alarmed, he suddenly saw a blue beam...

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