Chapter 1048 – Asura King

Chapter 1048 – Asura King

Lin Ming continued forwards with Yan Littlemoon. Every 10 miles or so they advanced, they would encounter several mystic realm demons. Lin Ming effortlessly slaughtered these mystic realm demons. And as for Yan Littlemoon, after she overcame her initial shock and panic, she also began to show her own formidable strength.

Yan Littlemoon was still a genius disciple of the Ancient Phoenix Clan after all. Although she was far from being able to compare with Lin Ming in the aspect of battle spirits, she still stood out amongst disciples of the same age. She used her own thoughts to staunchly defend against the will attacks of the mystic realm demons and simultaneously used her true fire abilities to melt away her enemies. As this sort of fighting continued, her actions became increasingly smooth.

This sort of fight was a common event for someone like Lin Ming. But to Yan Littlemoon, it was actually a rare opportunity to temper herself. Yan Littlemoon was an extremely talented character. As long as she had the time and space to grow, she would undoubtedly become a Holy Lord level character in the future.

More and more mystic realm demons were refined into streams of energy. But, the more mystic realm demons they killed, the less useful these energy streams became in enhancing their comprehension...

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