Chapter 1046 – Black Coral

Chapter 1046 – Black Coral

After Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon had flown for a while, Lin Ming suddenly felt a stirring feeling in his mind. He looked down to see that the solid land beneath them had disappeared, turning into a vast and endless black swamp. The jet black mud roiled with giant bubbles. Each time a bubble exploded it would release a dark gray fog.

“The scene on the ground has changed.”

Lin Ming had read through the entire God Beast Mystic Realm Compendium, so he knew that the surroundings in the God Beast Mystic Realm could rapidly and unexpectedly shift at any given moment. After these changes, any sort of previous safety could become extreme danger. The Laws here were truly unpredictable.

This sort of change occurred not just beneath Lin Ming, but also beneath the other disciples of the four God Beast Clans.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Dragon One, the terrain has changed. This is the swamp terrain with a third grade hazard level. When the land changes into a black swamp, a massive amount of poison swamp gas will swell out. This poison gas is what many lifeforms in this realm like to suck up. We might encounter a massive number of demons here.”

In the God Beast Mystic Realm, the Laws of the world were different. The life here lived by sucking up the energy of the world. They were...

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