Chapter 1045 Together

Chapter 1045 – Together

Lin Ming was just about to leave, when he was suddenly startled. He turned around to see Yan Littlemoon awkwardly looking at him. Out of everyone that had come here, Yan Littlemoon’s talent particularly manifested itself in her comprehension of Laws and her training speed, but she didn’t actually excel in combat or life and death battles. In addition, ever her cultivation was somewhat lower. In terms of combat strength she was amongst the lowest. If she went by herself then she would indeed experience a great deal of danger.

Yan Littlemoon was well aware of her circumstances. Although the God Beast Mystic Realm smelting trial wasn’t fatal, there would still always be people that died as they explored this land. Yan Littlemoon didn’t want to become one of the corpses that nourished the land.

“Didn’t Huang Tidemark invite you?” Lin Ming faintly frowned, responding to her with a true essence sound transmission.

Although he didn’t particularly mind helping Yan Littlemoon, if he did this sort of thing it would attract the hatred and hostility of others onto of himself. This would be an action that was equal to slapping Huang Tidemark in the face. Although he didn’t fear Huang Tidemark, he didn’t want to stir up trouble where there wasn’t any to begin with.

“Yes… he did, but… I’ve heard that he has an extremely poor reputation…” Yan Littlemoon was truly embarrassed at this time. She had always been the little princess of Charming Phoenix Palace, and if she left Charming Phoenix Palace and went to other palaces, countless men would wholeheartedly chase after her. With her perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline in addition to her good looks, her number of suitors could be imagined!

Humans weren’t born with arrogance and a natural air of superiority. Rather, it developed as they grew up. Since Yan Littlemoon was raised in such an environment, it was impossible that she couldn’t be so proud. It was the first time in her life that she had to ignore all mortification and ask for help in such a manner from someone.

She had taken the initiative to ask to join a man, but instead he had questioned her back. She was afraid that Lin Ming would develop some sort of misunderstanding.

Lin Ming glanced over at Huang Tidemark without moving his eyes and he saw that Huang Tidemark was still smiling as he waited where he was.

Yan Littlemoon and Lin Ming had spoken to each other with a true essence sound transmission that only took a single breath of time, and they had also only glanced at each other for a brief moment, so Huang Tidemark simply didn’t know what was happening. Huang Tidemark was stupidly waiting for Yan Littlemoon to respond to him. There were even a few people behind him that looked like his friends who were joking around and laughing, waiting to see Huang Tidemark successfully pursue the woman he chose.

If Lin Ming left with Yan Littlemoon then that would be the same as kicking Huang Tidemark into the ground.

In addition, there was another problem. Lin Ming had originally come here to hunt for treasures. If he brought Yan Littlemoon along then there would be a problem in the distribution of treasure.

Yan Littlemoon saw Lin Ming hesitate, clearly not wanting to bring her along. She felt extremely depressed. Since when had she become such an unpopular outsider? Was she so deplorable that she affected his mood? This was the first time she had ever experienced such a matter.

Feeling anxious, Yan Littlemoon gritted her teeth and said, “Before I entered the God Beast Mystic Realm, Senior Huo Violentstone told me that if I had any problems I should come look for you. He told me that he already asked you to take care of me in private…”

Yan Littlemoon subconsciously gripped her fists as she spoke. It was truly damaging to her self-respect to speak out such words. She felt as if she had been greatly wronged.

“Uh…” Lin Ming fumbled out. He did indeed hear Huo Violentstone say such words, but since it had only been tacked onto the end of some other things, Lin Ming simply thought he was joking and didn’t place it in his heart. But now, it seemed as if that old fellow had been serious.

“Well… fine then.”

Lin Ming reluctantly agreed. In truth, he wasn’t a cold and callous individual. Although he didn’t consider himself friends with Yan Littlemoon, for better or worse they had still trained at the same Fire Spirit Star for two years. He couldn’t watch helplessly as something happened to her. Whether she was by herself or with Huang Tidemark, it would be extremely easy for her to stumble into some fatal or disastrous danger. If that happened he wouldn’t be able to explain things to Huo Violentstone.

But after thinking about it again, Lin Ming added an addendum. “You can go with me, but we’re going to hash things out first. All treasures we find will depend on our own respective abilities first and foremost. What I find I will not share with you, and the things you obtain I will not want.”

“…You!!” Yan Littlemoon’s eyes widened. She huffed up, her body heaving with righteous indignation. As she saw how seriously Lin Ming had spoken with a deadpan expression, she wanted to punch him in the face.

He was too great of a bully!

Lin Ming’s words clearly judged her as a burden, and also implied that she wouldn’t be able to find anything of value at all. And, the most annoying thing was that he also meant to guard against her as if she were some sort of thief. Did he really think she was a shameless and good-for-nothing hanger-on?

Yan Littlemoon had always been a proud and haughty individual. She would never think of sharing in the treasures of others without putting in due effort on her own part!

“Who do you think I am! Do you really think I desire the things you find so much!? I never wanted them to begin with and yet you think so poorly of me! Also, you are the rudest person I’ve ever met in my entire life!”

“Uh…” Lin Ming traced his nose, a bit embarrassed. The words he said were indeed a bit too crass. But, it was best to put the ugly stuff in front first and settle these conditions before anything happened. If they really did stumble across some massive hidden treasure then Lin Ming actually wouldn’t mind dividing a part to Yan Littlemoon.

“My background cannot compare to that of a proud daughter of heaven like you who comes from such a magnificent family. I am of humble and common birth so I certainly need to value any resources I find.  

“Then again, in this God Beast Mystic Realm, there are treasures that could even tempt the heart of a Holy Lord. It’s not as if I want to be greedy or something like that. Time is precious here so I wanted to hash these things out beforehand. Also, since you are going with me, I will tell you something before we head off. If we manage to encounter some danger that I cannot deal with then there might be the chance that I abandon you to yourself. If that really happens then I wish you nothing but the best of luck to survive.”

As Lin Ming finished speaking, he turned around and flew in the direction where the least people were.

“Ahh! What a hateful scumbag!”

As Yan Littlemoon heard Lin Ming’s last words she stomped her feet in anger. But, in the end she still had to follow Lin Ming. Although Lin Ming was a hateful little bastard, she could still trust him.

Just as Yan Littlemoon was about to leave, the continually waiting Huang Tidemark was left flummoxed. “Yan Littlemoon, what is the meaning of this. I was speaking to you, didn’t you hear me!?”

Huang Tidemark didn’t know that Yan Littlemoon was speaking to Lin Ming just now. All he saw was her randomly stomping her feet in a fit of rage as if she had gone psychotic. Then, she began to fly away without a single word. He was immediately enraged. Even his good friends were watching on, and yet Yan Littlemoon treated him as nothing but empty air. How could he hold his head up high after this? He had always managed to successfully capture women in his hands, and this was also one of his greatest talents he was proud of. And yet, today he had been given the cold shoulder by a little girl.

Yan Littlemoon was in the air when she heard Huang Tidemark’s words, words that caused her to turn even angrier. If it weren’t for this sexual deviant approaching her and making her feel even more in danger, then she wouldn’t have had to desperately ask Lin Ming for help, causing her to suffer such humiliation and be so miffed about matters.

“What if I heard you and what if I didn’t hear you? Why do I have to reply to the likes of you? Do you really think you are so awesome or something? You are just a creepy pig out chasing after skirts everywhere, but does your wife know of this?”

After Yan Littlemoon spat out these words she impatiently flew into the sky, eager to get as far away as she could from someone like Huang Tidemark. The direction she flew in was the same direction Lin Ming had gone, leaving a completely dumbfounded Huang Tidemark behind. After being cursed by Yan Littlemoon directly to his face, he didn’t know how to react. He didn’t know what he had done to provoke her so much for her to act so crazy all of a sudden.


Huang Tidemark wanted to say something else, but Yan Littlemoon had already soared into the skies, immediately vanishing from sight, leaving him unable to finish his words.

“Brother Tidemark, the direction that Junior-apprentice Sister Yan chose is… probably the same as Junior-apprentice Brother Lin!” A red-clothed man smiled from behind Huang Tidemark. He was a descendant of the Huo Family, Huo Clearheart.

At this time, such sarcastic remarks were clearly meant to ridicule Huang Tidemark. Huang Tidemark was originally angry, and such words were the same as salt being pushed into his wounds.

“Huo Clearheart, were you kicked in the head by an ass? Do you really think that Lin Ming is part of your Huo Family? Do you really think that his gains are also your gains? Don’t be stupid. If he didn’t divide the resources that were rightfully yours, you might have become the number one disciple of your Huo Family!” Huang Tidemark said, trying to sow discord.

Huo Clearheart chuckled, saying, “Even if Lin Ming weren’t here it still wouldn’t be my turn to be the number one disciple. The Huo Family has produced many geniuses these past thousands of years, so why would it be my turn? I’m also aware of my own abilities. On the other hand, if the Huo Family can become stronger because of someone like him, then that means my family will have even more resources to share, and the benefits I gain will be correspondingly greater. During this God Beast Mystic Realm smelting trial, the High Ancestor has also specifically ordered me to help Junior-apprentice Brother Lin as much as I can. I’m not like Brother Huang here. Do you really think that just because you call yourself Riverflame Little Tornado or some crap like that, you are so attractive to everyone you meet? Do you think those girls you’ve caught before are the same as Yan Littlemoon? She has the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline! In my Ancient Phoenix Clan, she is the only junior disciple under 33 years of age that has the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline! Even Senior-apprentice Brother Xiao Ping doesn’t! And you think she would follow you for some reason? Based on what? Your bloodline density? Hahaha, stop cracking me up here! Hahahaha!”

As Huo Clearheart guffawed, he chose a direction near Lin Ming’s and flew away.

After Huo Clearheart left, Huang Tidemark’s expression became all the more ugly. The relations between the various factions of the Ancient Phoenix Clan were complex to begin with. Since everyone was struggling with each other, it was natural for others to taunt someone given the opportunity.

Huo Clearheart simply didn’t care about offending Huang Tidemark. He was someone that had inherited Huo Violentstone’s wild temperament, and in terms of background, strength, and talent, he wasn’t inferior to Huang Tidemark in any way.

“Lin Ming, Huo Clearheart, just you wait!” Huang Tidemark grit his teeth. He turned and shouted to the two Huang Family disciples behind him. “We’re leaving!”

They chose a direction and flew away. This direction was also close to Lin Ming’s.

And at this time, Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon had already flown over a dozen miles out. In this unknown area of the mystic realm, they had to always remain vigilant and no one dared to fly too fast. Otherwise, if they flew into a space crack at 10 times the speed of sound, that really would be a death of injustice.

Along the way, Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon didn’t speak a single word to each other. Lin Ming was spreading his senses in all directions, combing through every inch of land. As for Yan Littlemoon, she was still fuming with anger so she didn’t bother trying to speak to Lin Ming.

Before entering the God Beast Mystic Realm, Lin Ming had read up on all the available materials about this land. One of the texts he read was the ‘God Beast Mystic Realm Compendium’. This compendium was the total gathered information and materials left behind by the all the past seniors of the four God Beast Families who had explored the God Beast Mystic Realm in the last 100 million years.  

The God Beast Mystic Realm was a separate space and time; it was a completely different space and time from the 3000 worlds of the Divine Realm. The rules of the world were also different here.

The life that lived here followed another set of rules. They had ghostly and secret movements, and were all cruel and bloodthirsty killers. Although the God Beast Mystic Realm looked dead and abandoned, the truth was that countless dangers lay in ambush here.

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