Chapter 1045 – Together

Chapter 1045 – Together

Lin Ming was just about to leave, when he was suddenly startled. He turned around to see Yan Littlemoon awkwardly looking at him. Out of everyone that had come here, Yan Littlemoon’s talent particularly manifested itself in her comprehension of Laws and her training speed, but she didn’t actually excel in combat or life and death battles. In addition, ever her cultivation was somewhat lower. In terms of combat strength she was amongst the lowest. If she went by herself then she would indeed experience a great deal of danger.

Yan Littlemoon was well aware of her circumstances. Although the God Beast Mystic Realm smelting trial wasn’t fatal, there would still always be people that died as they explored this land. Yan Littlemoon didn’t want to become one of the corpses that nourished the land.

“Didn’t Huang Tidemark invite you?” Lin Ming faintly frowned, responding to her with a true essence sound transmission.

Although he didn’t particularly mind helping Yan Littlemoon, if he did this sort of thing it would attract the hatred and hostility of others onto of himself. This would be an action that was equal to slapping Huang Tidemark in the face. Although he didn’t fear Huang Tidemark, he didn’t want to stir up trouble where there wasn’t any to begin with.

“Yes… he did, but… I’ve heard that he has an extremely poor reputation…”...

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