Chapter 1044 – Can I Go With You?

Chapter 1044 – Can I Go With You?

Celestial Dragon World was a small world that existed outside of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds. It was only one-fiftieth of the size of a great world, but its size was already more than amazing.

The ruler of Celestial Dragon World was the current Patriarch of the Ancient Dragon Clan. Celestial Dragon World had an extremely deep inheritance. Throughout the history of the Ancient Dragon Clan, there had even been a true Great World King that had appeared. And, even when the Ancient Dragon Clan was at their worst state they still had a half-step World King character within their ranks.

But, it needed to be said that although a Divine Realm World King was said to be a king of a world, it was actually impossible to rule an entire major world. No matter how large a World King Family was, they would occupy at most several hundred planets, or a billion mile area of a major world mainland. It was near impossible to occupy much more land.

And this area was nothing but a drop of water to a major world of the Divine Realm. In the other lands of a great world, there were countless sects and families, many of them Holy Lands.

These sects were at most on good terms with the World King Family. They wouldn’t blindly obey the orders of the World King.

At this time, within a secret hidden space slit within Celestial Dragon World. Within...

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