Chapter 1043 – 12 People

Chapter 1043 – 12 People

“The God Beast Mystic Realm has God Beasts buried within its lands? And it was also once an ancient battlefield? Many powerhouses died in that mystic realm before?” As Lin Ming heard Huo Violentstone’s description of the God Beast Mystic Realm, he echoed the words out of surprise. He didn’t think that such strange and fantastical lands existed in the Divine Realm.

“Didn’t Senior Huo say that those with higher cultivations have a harder time shifting through the space barrier? So how would there be so many powerhouses that died in the God Beast Mystic Realm?” Yan Littlemoon asked, puzzled.

“That war was something that occurred far too long ago. The history of the Divine Realm is endless; there are many matters where the truth can no longer be found. Perhaps in the past this God Beast Mystic Realm was part of the Divine Realm but was later cut off, forming the current realm. What I must tell you two is that there are countless treasures littered throughout the mystic realm. However, it is a pity that we cannot take them. There are many treasures that are even more precious than phoenix blood essence! Of course, it is also extremely difficult to obtain them! This is an enormous opportunity for you. This will be a test of not just your strength, but also your destiny. If your strength is lacking then there will be no returning alive for you. If your...

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