Chapter 1042 – Ancient Dragon Clan

Chapter 1042 – Ancient Dragon Clan

The eighth level of the Hells of Flame. Even when placed within the entire history of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, that was nothing less than a miracle!

This depth could be called the birth of a new era!


Huo Violentstone couldn’t help but uproariously laugh. He originally only wanted to see Lin Ming’s practice; he didn’t have any hopes that he would really be able to break into the eighth level.

“The two of you, how about it? Hahahahaha!” Huo Violentstone clapped his hands together. He had a straightforward and bold personality. Now that he was so elated, he couldn’t conceal his satisfaction and pride, thus he laughed as he spoke to the two Kirin Clan envoys.

The Kirin Clan woman gulped. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but eventually no words came out.

Beside her, the man forcefully smiled and said with some stammered difficulty, “He’s quite… good!”

The two envoys were well aware of what it meant for a seventh stage Life Destruction rookie disciple to break into the eighth level of the Hells of Flame. Although their Kirin Clan was overflowing with geniuses, when these geniuses were compared to Lin Ming, they couldn’t even stand up to half his height.

Rumors were heard, but seeing was believed. When they heard that Lin Ming had defeated Crimson Strifecloud, they always had a question in their hearts. But now that they saw Lin Ming’s results with their own eyes, they were really left speech...

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