Chapter 1041 – God Beast Mystic Realm

Chapter 1041 – God Beast Mystic Realm

“Senior Huo, is that Lin Ming?”

Of the two strangers from different clans, the woman turned to look over all the disciples before her eyes finally fell onto Lin Ming.

Just from looking at him, she couldn’t see anything special about Lin Ming besides his solid foundation.

“He defeated Crimson Strifecloud of the same age?”

“Yes!” Huo Violentstone said in a satisfied voice as he stroked his beard.

“Mm…” The woman fell into thought, not saying anything. Since Huo Violentstone said so, then even if there was some exaggeration to his stories, they were mostly true. Even so, she found it hard to believe that this handsome young man before her was such an extraordinary chosen pride of heaven.

“There is Lin Ming as well as Yan Littlemoon with her perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. Senior’s harvests during this Ancient Phoenix smelting trial aren’t too bad!” The man from the two strangers politely said. His status was somewhat lower than Huo Violentstone’s.

“This is the most glorious moment that my Ancient Phoenix Clan has experienced for the last several tens of thousands...

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