Chapter 1039 – The Thoughts of God

Chapter 1039 – The Thoughts of God

As the blood essence thoroughly fused into Lin Ming, it turned into a million wisps of blood that entered all the blood vessels of his body. Lin Ming felt as if his entire body was burning.

In a trance, a strong and overwhelming feeling rushed through Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, blotting out the world. This vast will was like the thoughts of heaven, unbearable and difficult to withstand.

“Is this the will left behind by the God Beast?”

Lin Ming shut his eyes. In his mind, the scene of a vast sea of flames appeared. This boundless sea of fire stretched for billions of miles. The billowing waves of heat were at an impossibly high temperature! Even when compared to the core of Fire Spirit Star, this sea of flames blazed dozens or even hundreds of times hotter!

“This is a star?”

Lin Ming was surprised and then extremely shocked. This was not just a star, but a super large star. It was a titan that towered above all blazing stars in the universe!

Within such a fiery star, the inherent energy it contained was incomparably terrifying. If the Sky Spill Continent were tossed inside, the entire continent would be instantly sublimated!

Faintly, Lin Ming was able to see that in the center of this massive star, there was a giant golden-red bird. This bird had a body that was nearly 10,000 miles long and its entire body was covered with...

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