Chapter 1038 – Absorbing the Phoenix Blood Essence

Chapter 1038 – Absorbing the Phoenix Blood Essence


“Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, congratulations!”

“Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, awesome fight!”

As Lin Ming obtained the phoenix blood essence, many disciples that knew Lin Ming came up to congratulate him, some of them with voices thick with envy.

This was Ancient Phoenix blood essence! Even someone like Crimson Strifecloud, who came from a World King family background, would crave and yearn for it.

In the Divine Realm, there were countless various bloodlines. In order to reach a higher realm of cultivation, besides perception, lucky chances, and destiny, one also need to have enough martial talent.

Of the several factors that formed a genius, martial talent was at the end. But, this didn’t mean that it was unimportant. On the contrary, martial talent was actually indispensable. It was just that in the Divine Realm there were many different methods to increase one’s martial talent, thus it wasn’t considered too important.

Improving one’s bloodline was often the main method to increase one’s talent.

In this universe, the human bloodline wasn’t much at all. Humans were small and weak animals. They were slow, their physical strength was lacking, and their bodies were frail. Although they were more formidable than ants, cats, dogs, and other such ordinary animals, they fell far short of being able...

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