Chapter 1037 – Phoenix Blood Essence

Chapter 1037 – Phoenix Blood Essence

“He won… he really won…” Monarch Sweetyfox mumbled. Beside her, Duke Golden Sword and Huo Highdragon were stunned speechless.

“Good! Well fought!” Huo Violentstone raised his fists. This battle was too amazing! He had only been watching the fight and yet he was filled with a hearty feeling. This was what all battles should be like!

“This Lin Ming must have obtained some lucky chance somewhere. The might of those final abilities he used as well as that martial intent was simply incredible. It’s impossible that he created such moves on his own. He must have obtained the inheritance of a top extreme powerhouse.”

Huo Violentstone could see that Lin Ming’s last attack was not ordinary at all. It was normal for geniuses to obtain lucky chances, and Lin Ming’s lucky chance was far more terrifying than he had assumed. This wasn’t surprising. After all, Lin Ming was a martial artist from the lower realms. If he didn’t have some great lucky chance then it would have been impossible for him to reach this step.

“It looks like I underestimated Lin Ming. I originally thought he was a powerhouse who had the possibility and potential of becoming a character on the level of a Highest Elder in the future. But now, it seems that his achievements may continue past even those of a Holy Lord....

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