Chapter 1036 – To Complete the Thousand Slaughter

Chapter 1036 – To Complete the Thousand Slaughter

“I never imagined that not only did you have a gold battle spirit, but you even managed to comprehend such a bizarre and powerful martial intent force field, and you were actually able to jump ranks to wound me!”

Crimson Strifecloud rose up from the ruins of his landing. He wiped the leaking blood from his mouth. As he recalled that strange martial intent force field just now, even he couldn’t believe it. Lin Ming had actually managed to comprehend such a mystical force field martial intent!

A martial intent was illusive and impossible to clarify. Every person that comprehended one did so differently, and whether or not they managed to comprehend one, this wasn’t too related to their comprehension of Laws or their talent. There were some extreme geniuses that would never be able to comprehend their own martial intent.

It could even be said that martial intents were a kind of manifestation of a martial artist’s destiny.

“Lin Ming, your cultivation is lower than mine by a single stage of Life Destruction and yet you have been able to force me to this step. I really must praise you. I admit that your talent is no longer beneath mine. This next move is my strongest ace. Even 40,000 years ago when I completed the Thousand Slaughter here, I did not use...

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