Chapter 1035 – Concept of Manifestation

Chapter 1035 – Concept of Manifestation

“That is the fourth level Concept of Fire!”

As the branch palace disciples saw fire dragons, fire snakes, fire cranes, fire golden birds, fire parasol trees, and all sorts of fire existences spin into life around Crimson Strifecloud, all of them sucked in a deep breath of cold air.

These things around Crimson Strifecloud that transformed from flames were not lifeless. Rather, they were spiritual beings with their own intelligence. They were life forms composed of living flames. In fact, these spiritual existences were not condensed by Crimson Strifecloud, but produced by fire origin energy that was controlled by the Laws.

The was the symbol of the fourth level Fire Concept – Manifestation!

Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, these elemental Laws all had different types of Concepts for the first three levels. However, all of them shared the same fourth level Concept.

And that was… Manifestation.

After arriving at this step, energy would have life and intelligence of its own.

Fire origin energy could manifest as fiery vermillion birds or fiery crows. Thunder origin energy could combine into a thunder kirin. Earth origin energy could develop into an earthen black turtle, or earthen snake. Wind origin energy could form gale birds, great rocs, and so on!

Without having comprehended the fourth...

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