Chapter 1034 – Scorching Blood VS Phoenix Blood

Chapter 1034 – Scorching Blood VS Phoenix Blood

The technique Crimson Strifecloud used just now was called the ruling spirit art. It was a type of martial skill that was trained with a battle spirit.

Battle spirits also had corresponding martial skills. The world of the Sky Spill Continent had its legacies and inheritances cut off 100,000 years ago. Because of that, there was an extremely small number of people that possessed a battle spirit. Thus, most people of the Sky Spill Continent only used their battle spirit as an auxiliary attack. This was because they didn’t know of any special martial skills that corresponded to them.

But in the Divine Realm, there were inheritances that had been passed down for hundreds of millions or even billions of years. In terms of battle spirits, they also had developed martial skills that utilized them. The ruling spirit art was one of the broadest and most important types.

The so-called ruling spirit art was a technique that used a battle spirit to rule a weapon, controlling it and sending it to kill others. There were also different ranks and grades within the ruling spirit art. If one could cultivate it to small success, then they could use a mere thought to kill someone over a thousand miles away. If one cultivated this ability to the limit, they could even use a weapon to pierce through a planet and kill someone on the other side.

The ruling spirit that Crimson Strifecloud...

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