Chapter 1033 – Intense

Chapter 1033 – Intense

From Huo Violentstone and Crimson Strifecloud’s dialog, Lin Ming could guess that there was some major dispute between the two as well as some of the details. Huo Violentstone was clearly far worse than Crimson Strifecloud, moreover, Crimson Strifecloud wasn’t someone from the Ancient Phoenix Clan. This also made it so that Huo Violentstone sincerely hoped that a disciple of the Ancient Phoenix Clan could defeat Crimson Strifecloud.

If Lin Ming could win this battle, then the advantages he could obtain from Huo Violentstone wouldn’t be minor.

Of course, because of Huo Violentstone and Crimson Strifecloud’s conflict, wanting to win would be even more difficult. Lin Ming’s opponent was not an energy puppet that lacked a consciousness, but an energy form with a spiritual consciousness of his own.

“Haha, that old fool Huo has blown up so much. Then, let me have a good look at just what qualifications you have. A seventh stage Life Destruction to fight my eighth stage Life Destruction, you’ve got guts! To think that I, Crimson Strifecloud, would ever have a day where someone would jump ranks to fight me! Hahaha! How interesting! Let’s see if you can block 10 of my swords first!”

As Crimson Strifecloud laughed, the aura of his body began to rapidly climb, and the heaven...

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