Chapter 1032 – Old Sorrows, New Hate

Chapter 1032 – Old Sorrows, New Hate

“What!? Crimson Strifecloud!?”

“The Battle King! He is fighting the Battle King!?”

As Huo Violentstone spoke, the jaws of the all the martial artists present dropped to the floor, greatly shocked.

“I never thought that Lin Ming’s opponent would actually be Crimson Strifecloud!” Huo Violentstone stared at the phantom figure of the Battle King reflected in the fire spirit mirror. His eyes shot open, and fire seemed to pour out from his heated gaze. He never thought that everything would line up in such a coincidental manner!

“Yes… in the past when Crimson Strifecloud rushed through the Illusionary God Combat Array, he was also 29 years old. That is why he has appeared as Lin Ming’s opponent!”

A rookie disciple could attend their first Ancient Phoenix smelting trial anytime before they were 33 years of age. But, the most common age was between 28 and 31 years. This was because at that period of time, most martial artists were beginning to form their comprehension of the Fire Laws, and their cultivation would also be at the seventh, eighth, or ninth stage of Life Destruction. If they attended the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial in this period, it would have the best effects in enhancing their comprehensions of Laws.

If they came too early, their comprehensions would be lacking and the benefits they gained would be limited. However, if they came too late, their foundation...

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