Chapter 1031 – The One Thousandth Person

Chapter 1031 – The One Thousandth Person

No matter how powerful the opponents were that appeared after slaying 900 people, Lin Ming relied on his attainments in the Concept of Fire to tear that triple postcelestial dao diagram array formation apart!

This self-created martial skill was called the Blue Lotus Flame Dance. It was a killing move that combined the first three Concepts of the Fire Laws: the Concepts of Burning Heat, Annihilation, and Creation. It was also Lin Ming’s current strongest attack.

Once the nine essence array formation was shattered, it was much easier for Lin Ming to kill the others. This array formation attack method was no longer a threat to Lin Ming, and Lin Ming using the Blue Lotus Flame Dance was enough to instantly kill the martial artists that appeared.


Lin Ming fell from the sky, and a torrent of flames engulfed the enemy’s sword light. A spear light thrust out like a viper and tore a blue-clothed martial artist’s dantian to shreds, immediately killing him!

At the same time, the martial artists near the one that had died raised their weapons, ready to take advantage of this moment to attack. Unfortunately, now that the dao diagrams were broken, their attacks were no longer able to seal off all of his escape routes. Lin Ming used his extreme speed and cut through all the incoming attacks like a bird through a storm of blades.

He flash stepped in front of a...

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