Chapter 1030 – The Power of Laws

Chapter 1030 – The Power of Laws

After reaching the 900 Slaughter, 27 opponents appeared. And, among these opponents, a third of them were ninth stage Life Destruction masters. If they were placed within the 72 branch palaces, their talent would far surpass that of Lu Xiaoyun!

With their domains, top grade saint artifacts, and combat experience that lay at the pinnacle, when all of these conditions were added together, the difficulty of overcoming them could be imagined!

And after these 27 people appeared, light began to shimmer beneath their feet. This light formed a series of strange symbols that linked up into a pattern, like ripples across a lake surface.

Underneath the feet of these 27 people, there were actually three postcelestial dao diagrams that had formed!

These three dao diagrams were divided into three different parts. They were the pillars of a giant sphere that surrounded Lin Ming. Each dao diagram had a total of seven sections, and the shining runes that lay at these seven directions were red, yellow, orange, green, cerulean, blue, and purple. And, in the center was a white and black yin yang symbol, forming a complete eight trigrams design.

The 27 people...

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