Chapter 1029 – World of Will Projection

Chapter 1029 – World of Will Projection

650 people, 680 people, 700 people!

As the seventh star on the portal’s arch lit up, this signified that Lin Ming had cut down 700 enemies. At the same time, the number of opponents he faced at once suddenly increased to 21 people.

With every 100 people slain, the difficulty of the Illusionary God Combat Array would sharply increase. Upon reaching 600, the difficulty wasn’t too great. But from going to 600 to 700, the difficulty would double!

All 21 opponents that showed up were eighth stage Life Destruction powerhouses. In the future, they would be characters that would step into Ninefall. If the 21 of them combined their strengths, uniting their combat techniques together, the pressure they placed on Lin Ming would increase by another level!

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear in his hands, his nerves as sharp as steel wire. Up until now, he had been focusing on saving as much true essence and energy as possible. If he could use just one move to defeat his opponent then he wouldn’t use a second. If he could depend on the Phoenix Blood Spear then he wouldn’t need to use his own true essence.

Using various methods to reserve his strength also meant that he was limiting his combat prowess. This caused his battles to seem on the edge of danger.

And as Lin...

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