Chapter 1028 – Source of Phoenix Blood

Chapter 1028 – Source of Phoenix Blood

18 figures, underneath the support of their domains, simultaneously displayed the power of their top grade saint artifacts!

Woosh woosh woosh!

The sound of splitting air filled the skies. The multiple domains superimposed on each other and countless wonderful phenomena appeared. The fiery ground underneath Lin Ming’s feet ruptured from the oppression of energy and main domains together. The earth shattered, becoming powdered stone. The magma that was flowing underneath shot up to the heavens!

18 different attacks combined together and came falling down like a great net!

In that moment, Lin Ming suddenly condensed his aura. He opened the Gate of Wonder and revolved the Mystic Lightning Shade, his speed instantly reaching the limit!

On the screen of light, one could also see blurry after shadows.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three true essence attacks fell onto nothing!

With an incredible angle, Lin Ming passed through space like a nimble little fish, searching for a breakthrough in this net of attacks!

He thrust the Phoenix Blood Spear forwards!


In that instant, a straight beam of blood red light shot into the heavens, condensing into an explosion of energy that dyed the entire world sanguine.

A resonant phoenix cry echoed outwards as an endless blood...

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