Chapter 1027 – How Hard Could This Be?

Chapter 1027 – How Hard Could This Be?

Outside of the Illusionary God Combat Array, all of the disciples present had their gazes turned to the stars above the arch of the portal. As they saw the stars light up with astounding speed, all of them were thrilled.

“This speed! It’s so fast!”

Lin Ming hadn’t even been inside for an hour before so many stars had lit up. With such unstoppable momentum, how was this slaughtering geniuses? It was more like cutting down scattered soldiers!

“It really is fast. It’s much faster than Yan Littlemoon’s performance. It shouldn’t be difficult for Lin Ming to complete the Thousand Slaughter!”

“A bit more than three quarters of an hour has passed. In less than an hour, Lin Ming has slaughtered 500 opponents! Now, I fear that in another quarter hour he will finish killing 600 enemies. If that continues, then he should reach 800 enemies or even 900 enemies slain in four to six hours! Within eight hours the Thousand Slaughter might even be in sight!”

“It shouldn’t be a problem for Lin Ming to obtain the phoenix blood essence anymore! With such irresistible momentum, he might kill 1100 enemies or even 1200 enemies!”

“No kidding, just look at how fast Lin Ming is going. Even I want to give it a try!”

“Yeah, for this last year we’ve either been meditating over the Concepts or been roasted...

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