Chapter 1026 – Kill Them All

Chapter 1026 – Kill Them All


As Monarch Sweetyfox and the others called out the title of the Highest Elder, Chu Redcloud, Sun Cyprestar, and the many disciples of the three branch palaces were all left dumbfounded. They didn’t think that this red-robed old man was actually the Highest Elder of the Ancient Phoenix Clan.

The Highest Elders were titanic figures. Whether it was strength or status, they were equal with the Patriarch. There were even some Highest Elders that had been the Patriarch in the past, but then had abdicated the throne in order to go into seclusion and cultivate. Their strength was even higher than the current Patriarch’s.

These characters were lofty and existed above others. Normally they would never come into contact with low level disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, nor would they visit the 72 branch palaces. If a Palace Master of one of the 72 branch palaces went to the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters to request an audience with the Highest Elder, they would also have to respectfully bow.

As for low level palace Elders like Chu Redcloud and Sun Cyprestar, they would simply never see any of the Highest Elders in their lifetimes. At most they would see someone at a lower level like the Internal Affairs Envoy or the Merit Elder. And in their opinion, these types...

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