Chapter 1025 – Rushing the Illusionary God Combat Array

Chapter 1025 – Rushing the Illusionary God Combat Array

Fire Spirit Star’s Illusionary God Combat Array already had a history of a million years. After the supreme elder of the past laid down this array formation, it had recorded the countless heroic young elites that had passed through it. Then, a simulacrum of these heroic young elites was reproduced through the array formation and energy, forming a killing array. When a trial challenger rushed through the Illusionary God Combat Array they would have to face the onslaught of these numerous geniuses.

Lin Ming silently extracted the Phoenix Blood Spear and slowly flew into the Illusionary God Combat Array. It had already been over a full year since he had last had a hearty and fulfilling battle. Now, his body was bursting with energy, impatient to erupt!

“I wonder how many people Lin Ming can slay. What happens if he surpasses...

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