Chapter 1024 – Sacred Flame Testament

Chapter 1024 – Sacred Flame Testament

News of Lin Ming rushing into the seventh level of the Hells of Flame and simultaneously forming an origin energy cloud at the seventh stage of Life Destruction spread out like a surging tide over the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan.

Without a doubt, this was the grandest event in the Ancient Phoenix Clan for the last tens of thousands of years!

In Phoenix Cry Palace, when Fairy Feng obtained this news she was pleasantly surprised. Although she had held high faith in Lin Ming, she never imagined that he would bring her such great and wondrous surprises.

However, those that had the greatest reaction to Lin Ming were the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters as well as the great families.

At this time, at the Divine Realm’s Crimson Light World, within a sealed space, there was a large planet that had been shifted into it by some great supernatural power.

This was the home base of the Huo Family, one of the three great distinguished families of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. The Huo Family, a single family by itself, was able to occupy the entire planet. When all the direct descendants of the Huo Family as well as the branch descendants were added together, they were no fewer in number than the entire population of Phoenix Cry Palace! It was a figure that used a million as the base unit!

With so many people, not every junior of the three great families had...

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