Chapter 1022 – Sevenfall Phenomenon

Chapter 1022 – Sevenfall Phenomenon

As Lin Ming crossed Life Destruction, the entire process was shown in the fire spirit mirror above Totem Tower’s square. It was only because of the world of will projection as well as the dazzling brilliance from the 10,000 Flames Burning Sun that the disciples weren’t able to see what was happening within Lin Ming’s body.

However, top masters like Blackwood, Monarch Sweetyfox, and Duke Golden Sword were able to generally sense what was happening.

Within the world of will projection, with Lin Ming’s gold battle spirit as the center, countless soul fragments continuously disintegrated. They turned from the size of an eggshell to the size of a grain of rice, once more arriving at the size of a dust particle before further reducing in size yet again…

Monarch Sweetyfox sensed everything that was happening and sighed. “In terms of battle spirits, Lin Ming could be said to far surpass the geniuses of the Divine Realm. In this alone, he truly has a massive superiority. He opened the Gate of Opening and the way he is crossing the seventh stage of Life Destruction now is not what an ordinary genius can compare with…”

As a measurement, a battle spirit was an important indicator of a martial artist’s talent. It naturally had a correspondingly great significance!

“I fear that Lin Ming is able to completely...

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