Chapter 1020 – Seventh Stage Life Destruction

Chapter 1020 – Seventh Stage Life Destruction

Blood flooded out from Lin Ming’s cracked body. His skin was roasted black and it fell off his body like old bark. This was a pain worthy of tearing one’s own skin off. At the same time that his flesh and bones were being burnt, his skin was also peeling away! The severe agony of this pain was difficult to imagine. If a martial artist’s will wasn’t firm, then this pain would be enough to wipe out their spiritual sea!

If a mortal were in such a situation then their mind would break and they would turn mad in just a few breaths of time. Even a martial artist, when their body was placed in a burning heat that was hundreds of times the temperature of magma, would find it hard to bear!

However, this was an extremely important aspect of training within the 18 Hells of Flame. The fiery astral winds would press down upon the limits of a martial artist’s strength. In such a violent and torturous state, perceiving the Fire Laws through this method would deepen one’s comprehension towards the Laws!

The longer Lin Ming was able to last in this state, the greater the benefits would be!

In the fire spirit mirror, Monarch Sweetyfox watched with her own eyes as the Law runes on Lin Ming’s bones were melted away by the scorching heat and sunk into his very marrow, truly fusing with his body!

Comprehension of Laws came in several stages. The first stage was to memorize the...

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