Chapter 102 - The Focus of All Eyes

Chapter 102 – The Focus of All Eyes

But today, the Martial Stage was packed to the brim with people. These people were all extraordinary characters; there were the talents and geniuses of the Seven Profound Martial House, the heroes of Sky Fortune Kingdom’s martial artists, the nobility and aristocrats of Sky Fortune City, various famous and respected families, and important political figures.

Lin Ming was an inestimably rare talent that would appear only every 100 years at the Seven Profound Martial House. His rising star and bright halo was enough to attract the attention of most martial artists. Zhu Yan was also a first-class master of the Seven Profound Martial House; he had the possibility to be one of the top ten future talents of the Seven Profound Martial House. These two people’s match symbolized a duel between the top geniuses of Sky Fortune City’s younger generation.

If it was just this alone, it would not have attracted the nobility of Sky Fortune City and the political figures to gather here.

They did not belong in the circles of martial artists. No matter how strong Lin Ming or Zhu Yan were, this would be of no relation to any of them.

The reason this match would cause them to pay special attention was because there was political significance behind it!

The news of Lin Ming and Zhu Yan’s match...

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