Chapter 1019 – Hells of Flame’s Seventh Level, The Domain of God

Chapter 1019 – Hells of Flame’s Seventh Level, The Domain of God

Rumble rumble rumble!

With irresistible momentum, Lin Ming broke through to the sixth level 5000 miles distance!

The Ancient Phoenix Clan used every 5000 miles as a separate grade. The sixth level 5000 miles, even in the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan with the 72 branch palaces, three great families, and headquarters added in, was a target that was only met by a few individuals every several thousand years! It was an extremely rare occurrence!

And that was only at the end of the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial. To reach this goal halfway through the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial, that was more difficult than ascending to the heavens!

But now Lin Ming had broken through the sixth level 5000 mile distance without slowing down at all. He continued barreling towards the seventh level of the Hells of Flame!

As everyone saw this, they were shocked numb. Using a sixth stage Life Destruction cultivation to rush into the Hells of Flame’s seventh level, just what sort of wondrous feat was that!

The impossible standard that had been laid down by the Ancient Phoenix Clan was now actually soon to be met by Lin Ming!

After successfully reaching the seventh level of the Hells of Flame, no one dared to doubt Lin Ming any longer. It was likely that Lin Ming would continue onwards to complete the Thousand Slaughter within the Illusionary God Combat Array!

It had to be known that...

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