Chapter 1018 – Fusing the Three Concepts

Chapter 1018 – Fusing the Three Concepts

“What? Law phenomenon?” Duke Golden Sword was startled as he heard Monarch Sweetyfox speak. “What sort of phenomenon?”

“I have no idea. I’ve never seen it before!” Monarch Sweetyfox shook her head.

There were all sorts of phenomena that a martial artist could produce, and they were separated into many different categories. Among them were some directly related to combat, and some related to Laws.

Martial artists had different bloodlines, talent, good fortunes, bad fortunes, destiny, physique, perception of Laws, cultivation methods, and thousands upon thousands of other variables that were always changing. Thus, there were countless different phenomena that could appear within a martial artist, so it wasn’t strange for Monarch Sweetyfox to encounter one she hadn’t experienced before.

The Blue Lotus Domain and Lotus Blooming Step by Step could be considered types of phenomenon. The definition of a phenomenon was extremely broad, and even vague.

Back on the Sky Spill Continent when Lin Ming fought with Situ Yaoyue, she had the Extreme Violet Dantian, thus she could form the Extreme Violet Domain. That could also be considered a type of phenomenon. When he fought with Whitedemon, Whitedemon had been able to use his hydra bloodline to form a hydra phantom; this was also a type of phe...

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