Chapter 1017 – Bloom For Me, Heretical God Sprout!

Chapter 1017 – Bloom For Me, Heretical God Sprout!

“He broke through! He has surpassed Yan Littlemoon!”

As everyone watched Lin Ming rush forwards with unstoppable momentum, no one suspected that he wouldn’t be able to break through the fifth level 6000 mile distance. Even so, as they watched him break that marker, all the martial artists felt as if they were caught up in a dream. Yan Littlemoon had the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline and had meditated on the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal. In their eyes, she was a nearly insurmountable existence. Even so, such a person was brutally flung behind by Lin Ming!

Moreover, after surpassing Yan Littlemoon, Lin Ming’s speed was still 10 times the speed of sound!

As Yan Littlemoon saw Lin Ming shatter the fifth level 6000 mile distance, she suddenly began to tremble. She bit her lips. In that instant, a strange feeling began to swell up in her heart. Although she was well aware that her talent wasn’t amazing when placed within the entire Divine Realm, she still couldn’t bear that the record she just set had been mercilessly broken by a youth that was around the same age she was. And a year ago this youth was still far behind her!

Yan Littlemoon could accept it if she was inferior to others from the start, but she couldn’t accept that she had been...

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