Chapter 1016 – Another Breakthrough

Chapter 1016 – Another Breakthrough

On normal days, one would stay at certain depths of the 18 Hells of Flame if they planned on deliberately using the fire origin energy within to temper their understanding of Laws.

But in this circumstance with everyone watching, a martial artist rushing through was the same as a farmer picking up a massive sack of grain and rushing to drop it off. They wouldn’t be able to hold the sack for long and would have to take advantage of their momentum to go as far as they could. Who had ever heard of a farmer who held onto the sack and sat down in meditation? Wasn’t this just a waste of strength?

None of the present disciples were aware that Lin Ming was peacefully perceiving the Concepts of Annihilation and Creation. With the Chaos Laws as a foundation, he was able to deeply grasp the truths of these two Concepts.

Creation and Annihilation were two sides of the same coin. Even though they were opposites, they actually complemented each other, each unable to exist without the other.

If there was creation, then sooner or later there would be annihilation. In order for there to be annihilation, there first had to be creation.

From the small ants that crawled over the ground, to the beasts that wandered the woods, to the nations of the world, to the great Holy Land sects, to the giant celestial...

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