Chapter 1015 – The Origin of Burning Heat

Chapter 1015 – The Origin of Burning Heat

When Lin Ming first arrived at Fire Spirit Star, his comprehension of Fire Laws was still inferior to that of Huo Yanguang. He hadn’t even been able to reach the third level of the 18 Hells of Flame. But now, he had immediately broken through in a single go. The wild fire origin energy brushed past him like a cool breeze, not affecting him at all.

The Chaos Laws were the source of all Laws. When Lin Ming was in Totem Tower, he had witnessed the creation and formation of the universe, and was able to understand the key material structure of existence. He knew the essence of the two yin and yang energies. Such a lucky chance was something that not even a World King might be able to obtain.

Now, after having perceived the Great Dao of the universe’s source, Lin Ming needed to verify his Fire Laws once again. It was like the top imperial scholar returning to his province to take a local civil examination. It would naturally be easy after having mastered everything else!

“So this is how it is… the first level of the Concept of Fire, Burning Heat, is not as simple as I thought it would be. I thought that my Concept of Burning Heat had already reached perfection, but now I understood that I had simply never understood the essence of the Concept of Burning Heat!”

Before, Lin Ming had no idea just what burning heat was. He simply...

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