Chapter 1014 – Lin Ming’s Turn

Chapter 1014 – Lin Ming’s Turn

“She was just four people away from slaughtering 600. Who can still say that Yan Littlemoon’s combat ability is lousy?”

“Of course it wouldn’t be bad. She is a genius with the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. Even her worst aspect is likely something that we could never hope to catch up to. If she casually tries, she can already be the top talent of Fire Spirit Star for the last thousand years. If she can use this next period of time to temper her true combat strength then she will easily be able to break through 600 people, and perhaps even 600 and several dozen more wouldn’t be too difficult.”

“Mm… however, that’s her limit. The request for the phoenix blood essence is to complete the Thousand Slaughter. To slaughter a thousand people in there… that’s just a joke and a half.”

All of the disciples present felt pity for Yan Littlemoon. She was already this strong and yet she wasn’t fated to obtain the phoenix blood essence. Her ability was simply far from being enough and the requests were just too severe.

Chu Redcloud was also disappointed. Although Yan Littlemoon’s performance was excellent so far and she had expected this result, after actually seeing this result with her own eyes, she felt nothing but despair at such a massive gap. She couldn’t even fake a smile with how ridiculous...

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