Chapter 1013 – Illusionary God Combat Array

Chapter 1013 – Illusionary God Combat Array

Concerning the value of phoenix blood essence, Lin Ming had a clear understanding of it from perusing the texts of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. A phoenix’s blood essence was the fundamental basis for its rebirthing through nirvana. Generally speaking, an Ancient Phoenix would be fine no matter how much ordinary blood was drawn out from it. But, every drop of phoenix blood essence taken away would damage the life source of the phoenix!

It was more accurate to say that blood essence was no longer blood, but the condensed form of a phoenix’s life force!

How many phoenixes were there in the Divine Realm? No one could say for sure, but it was absolutely a small number. There were even types of God Beasts that had only one member. Between the heavens and earth, they were singular. Within the vast universe, they were unique!

Only when this type of unique God Beast died would the next reincarnation of that God Beast appear. This could be said to be a rule of the Heavenly Dao!

Rather than a living being, a God Beast could be called a divine god evolved from the Heavenly Dao itself. For instance, the phoenix was a divine god that represented the manifestation of the Fire Laws, wielding the power of flame!

Even though the Ancient Phoenix Clan called themselves the descendants of a phoenix and also had the phoenix bloodline within...

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