Chapter 1012 – To Find a Foil

Chapter 1012 – To Find a Foil

Lin Ming flew high in the skies. Behind him, the bright moon of Fire Spirit Star hung in the heavens, illuminating his body in clear splendor. Because the golden crow’s appearance had caused the strong astral winds of Fire Spirit Star to calm down, his long hair was slowly fluttering in the wind, dancing like black threads of silk.

At this time, he was like an immortal descended to the world, his temperament elegant and ethereal.

As Lin Ming saw the sight before him, his clear and bright eyes revealed an astonished light.

He had just emerged from Totem Tower and hadn’t expected such a scene to be occurring. A massive golden crow hundreds of miles long floated in the skies and all the disciples of Fire Spirit Star had gathered in the square in front of Totem Tower. The man and woman flying in the skies were obviously two top powerhouses.

What special occasion was it today?

Lin Ming was puzzled. He had been peacefully perceiving the Laws within Totem Tower, so he didn’t realize the changes occurring outside.

Lin Ming leaving at this time was an extremely noticeable event. Because the envoys from headquarters had arrived, the vast majority of disciples had gathered here to greet them. Lin Ming coming out from Totem Tower himself was very eye-catching.

“Oh? There are still some people in seclusion at this time.” Monarch Sweetyfox faintly smiled as she...

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