Chapter 1011 – Lin Ming Leaves Seclusion

Chapter 1011 – Lin Ming Leaves Seclusion

“Thank you lord and lady envoy for your help in inquiring about the standard needed for phoenix blood essence. No matter what, I will not be afraid. I have full confidence in my own abilities!” Yan Littlemoon gripped her fists together, her voice solemn. She had obtained an entire pond of Ancient Phoenix blood, so the quantity of her bloodline was already enough. However, that pool of blood hadn’t been too high in quality; she needed a drop of phoenix blood essence to round it out and put the final finishing touches on her bloodline. As long as she could obtain a drop of phoenix blood essence, the power of her bloodline would increase to another level.

Monarch Sweetyfox shook her head as she saw Yan Littlemoon. With the Yan Family’s foundation and connections, it would be impossible for the standard to be reduced by even a little bit. In other words, Yan Littlemoon would face the most harsh and difficult standard possible.

If this standard was the only one, then perhaps even Xiao Chuji, who obtained a drop of phoenix blood essence 10,000 years ago, would find it unbearable.

It had to be known that Xiao Chuji was currently one of the greatest candidates to be the next Patriarch, and he was also the most illustrious figure of the entire Xiao Family!

In any case, Monarch Sweetyfox would do as regulations required and report this mess...

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