Chapter 1010 – Requirements for a Drop of Phoenix Blood Essence

Chapter 1010 – Requirements for a Drop of Phoenix Blood Essence

“Mm, not bad.” Monarch Sweetyfox sweetly smiled and nodded, seeming quite satisfied with Yan Littlemoon. In order for a martial artist to continue walking down the road of martial arts, both destiny and talent were indispensable. There were some peak talents of the Ancient Phoenix Clan that possessed the Ancient Phoenix bloodline because of their family background. But, even though they had talent amongst talents, their destiny was lacking. In other words, they wouldn’t be able to walk as far as Yan Littlemoon could on the road of martial arts in the future. This Lotus Blooming Step by Step phenomenon was good proof of just how great her destiny was.

Duke Golden Sword then stuck in and said, ”Yan Littlemoon isn’t too bad, but let me warn you that Yan Littlemoon obtaining first place in this Fire Spirit Star’s Ancient Phoenix smelting trial is nothing at all. In our view it should be naturally what happens. What she must compare with is the geniuses of the other 71 branch palaces and the Ancient Phoenix Headquarters. Her opponents are the geniuses that lived thousands or even tens of thousands of years ago. Only they are the true opponents of Yan Littlemoon.”

Those geniuses from thousands or tens of thousands of years ago had grown up by now and had become great figures within...

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