Chapter 101 - Arrival of the Decisive Battle

Chapter 101 – Arrival of the Decisive Battle

However, Hong Xi was even more startled. Even though he had not used true essence, he had still used his full and complete strength in this strike; but Lin Ming was able to block it head-on!

Hong Xi had already known that Lin Ming’s strength was otherworldly, but he did not think that after achieving Large Success in the Third Stage of Body Transformation, that his strength would undergo such a dramatic rise. This strength must be no less than 5000 jins! His body was simply like a vicious beast!

Although he was surprised, Hong Xi’s movement hadn’t slowed in the slightest. He took advantage of Lin Ming’s blowback from his spear strike and aggressed on him. He thrusted his spear out three times, and each strike cut off all of Lin Ming’s dodging paths. Lin Ming could only raise his spear to defend!


As they collided, Hong Xi’s spear fell upon the spear shaft of Penetrating Rainbow. The dark purple elastic iron spear shaft was hammered by Hong Xi and forcefully bent like a bow!       

Lin Ming’s feet sank into the ground, and his right foot was trapped in the thick soil. He pushed back with all his strength on Penetrating Rainbow, and just managed to force back Hong Xi’s spear. But Hong Xi had backflipped into the air, and as he was airborne, his long spear drew a perfect arc, and he did a straight thrust from under his belly towards Lin Ming’s throat.

The spear came flying at him too fast and...

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