Chapter 1009 – Headquarters Envoy

Chapter 1009 – Headquarters Envoy

After Xiao Whitesnow finished his second period of seclusion, he was finally able to enter the fourth level, and even made it an additional 2000 miles in. This result neared the distance Yan Littlemoon reached after she left her first period of seclusion.

But as for Yan Littlemoon herself, she was even more amazing. After she left her second period of seclusion, she broke through to the fifth level of the Hells of Flame and reached an additional 4000 miles in!

This depth already surpassed the distance that White Daohong reached in the 18 Hells of Flame smelting trial when he first arrived as a rookie disciple!

70-80 years ago, when White Daohong was also a junior disciple, he had passed through two years of the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial and his final result was 3000 miles deep into the fifth level. This result had been surpassed by Yan Littlemoon in just a single year!

This result was enough to alarm the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters!

Whether it was the phenomenon of Lotus Blooming Step by Step, or reaching 4000 miles deep into the fifth level after just one year, both of these were results that stunned and amazed all. These results even surpassed those of the talented geniuses of the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters!

It could be said that as long as nothing happened to Yan Littlemoon, she would become a future Palace Master of one of...

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