Chapter 1008 – Gold Battle Spirit

Chapter 1008 – Gold Battle Spirit

The four chaos stones were boundless, solemn, and mysterious. They circled in the air around Lin Ming, slowly gushing out with vague Law runes that fused together with the faint traces of grandmist energy around. As they flowed through space, they seemed to come from the nothingness of ancient times, bringing with them the highest truths of the infinite Heavenly Dao, containing the burden of arcane Laws.

Chaos represented the limitless, and limitless represented the world before heaven, a reality without beginning nor end. No one could guess the meaning behind it. Besides the universe itself, no one was able to understand its cryptic mysteries.

First there was the infinite exhaustible void, then there was primal chaos, then there was yin yang energies, which later divided into the five elements, which grew into celestial bodies, and which finally gave birth to all life and creation.

From the hazy void, grandmist energy emerged, an energy that surpassed a star in weight. On these stars, countless complex life forms evolved, growing and changing. Just how many Laws of the Heavenly Dao were observed in these changes? Just how many truths of the Great Dao were contained within?

It was simply unimaginable!

And the most complicated truths also extended from...

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