Chapter 1007 – Phoenix Blood Essence

Chapter 1007 – Phoenix Blood Essence

As Chu Redcloud saw the current Yan Littlemoon, it was no longer possible for her to conceal her smile. Yan Littlemoon surpassed all her expectations. At this time, she no longer even cared about the bet; it was better to say that she assumed the bet was already won. Now, what she cared about was Yan Littlemoon’s results in this smelting trial. With such talent, it was possible for Yan Littlemoon to become a pivotal figure within the Ancient Phoenix Clan. If so, then at that time she would be able to rely on her relationship with Yan Littlemoon to obtain great benefits for the Chu Family.

Compared to winning the Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron, this was far more valuable.

After Yan Littlemoon left seclusion, she dove into the 18 Hells of Flame. In the first two levels, the fire origin energy heavenly winds breezed past her like gentle winds, unable to hinder her movement at all. She turned into a blue beam of light that shot 9000 miles deep into the third level. Here, her speed slowed down, but it was only by a little bit.

She rushed through to the fourth level without pause. In the fourth level, the fiery wind became even stronger and the temperature rose by another level. But even this was not able to stop her!

Fourth level 1000 miles, fourth level 2000 miles, fourth...

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