Chapter 1006 – Lotus Blooming Step By Step

Chapter 1006 – Lotus Blooming Step By Step

“Freely cultivate? That’s great, too great! I just chose a totem stone so I’ll have to focus on perceiving it. If I can close up for a year or so before returning to the 18 Hells of Flame, I’ll be able to go even deeper. And the deeper I go, the more benefits there will be!”

“That’s right. When I was at Praying Phoenix Palace I had the chance to meditate over a totem stone, but that was only for several days. These totem stones are also of a much greater quality than the ones I saw.”

As the black-robed messenger said that they could freely cultivate as they wished and decide how to arrange their own time, all of the junior disciples were extremely excited.

“Close up for a year? Yah, keep on dreaming. The reason that the totem stones allow people to perceive the Laws within them is that they have Law fragments condensed within them. These totem stones are in essence a sort of array formation. Only someone with an extremely deep understanding of Laws can carve them down and gather the truths of the Heavenly Dao within them. As long as you touch your mind to them, you will be able to slowly absorb the Law fragments within. But as that continues as, less and less Law fragments are there, the effect will become increasingly worse. Once there...

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