Chapter 1004 – The 12 Chaos Stones

Chapter 1004 – The 12 Chaos Stones

Lin Ming immersed himself within the chaos stones. He soon entered a selfless state and lost sense of everything around him.

Xiao Whitesnow was a bit stunned as he watched from the side. They were only given several quarter hours to choose a totem stone and they had to make their choice within that time. There were still many others waiting outside. If everyone took too long then it would take several days and nights for all the geniuses of the three branch palaces to choose their totem stones.

“Brother Lin, you really aren’t planning to choose the chaos stones right? We don’t have much time left.” Xiao Whitesnow tentatively asked. But, Lin Ming didn’t reply. His consciousness was still immersed within the chaos stones, feeling the boundless and ancient grandmist atmosphere coming from them.

This was the taste of the years. Carved at the forming of the universe, these chaos stones had accumulated the infinite years of time. They were objects that had existed longer than anything else in the world. Every trace upon the chaos stone told a story about the myriad changes of the universe. They recorded the birth of countless celestial bodies, their glory, their radiance, and even their death!

At the same time, this chaos stone also carried...

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