Chapter 1003 – 100 Foot Royal Skyseal

Chapter 1003 – 100 Foot Royal Skyseal

The Totem Tower contained a collection of chaos stones and totem stones. The chaos stones were a kind of natural totem stone that were formed within the primordial chaos as the universe formed; they contained the inherent source Laws of the universe.

But the totem stones were carved by senior supreme elders who had spent a great deal of effort to do so. They contained the understandings that these supreme elders had towards the Great Dao Laws.

For the Ancient Phoenix Clan, the totem stones they meditated on only concerned the Fire Laws. The Fire Laws had a total of nine levels of Concepts. If one could understand these Concepts to the limit then they could even burn down the world.

Although the totem stones from Totem Tower were mostly carved by past Patriarchs, they were also separated into those that were better and those that were worse. The poorer totem stones might be casually carved by a Patriarch, and the Laws and Concepts they contained might be lacking. But for those excellent totem stones, they might be masterworks of an Ancient Phoenix Clan Patriarch that took painstaking effort and hundreds of years to complete. They might be several tens of feet or even a hundred feet large. That was a size and quality that ordinary...

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