Chapter 1002 – Totem Tower

Chapter 1002 – Totem Tower

The Ancient Phoenix Clan placed the greatest importance upon the junior disciples. Only the junior disciples had the greatest potential. And to those disciples with great potential, the Ancient Phoenix Clan was willing to generously reward them.

No matter what hall the disciples came from, they would all be on even ground the first time they entered the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial. If they were able to fully reveal their talent and potential, they would be able to enjoy great rewards from the Ancient Phoenix Clan. However, if they couldn’t grasp this chance then they would be eliminated from consideration, and later they might not even earn the qualifications to participate in future Ancient Phoenix smelting trials.

And in truth, after a smelting trial was completed, 99% of the disciples would be eliminated. These people would mostly stop at the Divine Transformation realm, and they would reach the end of their lives after 20,000-30,000 years.

The first testing round of the 18 Hells of Flame only lasted for several days. On the last day, Lin Ming completely gathered his thoughts and began to rush as deep into the Hells of Flame as he could. Without using the Heretical God Force and without using the grandmist space, he wanted to see how many miles he could penetrate...

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