Chapter 1001 – Smelting Trial Rewards

Chapter 1001 – Smelting Trial Rewards

The truth was that comprehending the Blue Lotus Domain wasn’t much at all.

When a heroic young elite comprehended the third level Concept of Fire Laws to the peak, and also had great potential and a great destiny upon them, anyone could successfully form the Blue Lotus Domain. As long as they didn’t perish on their road, their future achievements wouldn’t be low. Thus, the Blue Lotus Domain was considered a type of phenomenon that symbolized someone with the life of an Emperor.

But as things stood, there were countless geniuses within the Ancient Phoenix Clan that had comprehended the Blue Lotus Domain. With a hundred billion clansmen, the base number was simply too great!

The Ruby Sovereign had guarded Fire Spirit Star for many years now and it was difficult to measure how many geniuses had comprehended the Blue Lotus Domain. But, no one had managed to comprehend the Blue Lotus Domain in such a way that left the Ruby Sovereign so surprised!

When Lin Ming first arrived at Fire Spirit Star, the Ruby Sovereign could see that Lin Ming had just traced upon the threshold of the Concept of Creation – he was far from reaching large success. It was inferior to a normal genius disciple, much less those like Yan Littlemoon or Huo Yanguang.

In ordinary circumstances, one had to slowly...

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