Chapter 1000 – Concept Large Success, Blue Lotus Domain

Chapter 1000 – Concept Large Success, Blue Lotus Domain

The Ruby Sovereign was ready to rescue Lin Ming. But, he continued surging past his limits for another two incense sticks of time. This left him incomparably amazed. Just because one’s willpower could bear the pain didn’t mean that their body could also withstand it. If some people forcefully pushed their willpower past its limits and their bodies couldn’t keep up, they would simply fall unconscious.

But Lin Ming didn’t have such a situation. This was because his body was already formidable enough. When he last crossed Life Destruction, his body had been tempered by fire energy, and his compatibility with the Fire Laws was extremely high due to this. And, he also dual cultivated body and energy. Even the physical body of a Divine Lord realm powerhouse couldn’t compare with Lin Ming’s.

“That’s right, this little fellow dual cultivates body and energy, so the limits of his body are far greater than those of a normal martial artist. Incredible, this has already lasted for five incense sticks of time. As far as I know, no one has ever managed to reach this step. A formidable willpower, solid foundation, dual body and energy cultivation, all three of these are indispensable and necessary factors. Combined together, they allowed him to achieve this ste...

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