Chapter 100 - [ Viscera Training, Large Success]

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Chapter 100 – [ Viscera Training, Large Success]

The Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill was a potent and dangerous medicine. After having its efficacy increased several times over, it could be said to be poison to the body! So even after Lin Ming had completed the inscription symbol, he did not rashly take it.

But now, he had entered the second-level of the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’. The impure true essence of the Golden Snake Scarlet Pill that he had taken before had already been completely refined into his body. Lin Ming felt that he was ready to take the next step.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Ming placed the pill in his mouth, and swallowed it.

The pill quickly slid into his stomach where it settled down without a response.

But Lin Ming knew, this was only the calm before the storm. Once the efficacy of the pill melted, it would immediately attack his insides. That would be the beginning of the pain.

Lin Ming had prepared a bath barrel full of water. He jumped into it and began to revolve the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’. The water was able to help him feel relaxed and calm.

After half an hour passed, Lin Ming felt a feverish heat begin to form in his stomach. At first it was like drinking a full glass of strong liquor, but before long, it was similar to a lit flame. The heat fled in all directions in Lin Ming’s body, and it was like he had fallen into a stove. The surface of his flesh began to steam, and it dissipated along his pores. At this moment, it was as if there was some invisible force shackling this angry heat, and stiffly holding it in Lin Ming’s body!

This was the effect of the medicinal inscription symbol.

If not for the medicinal inscription symbol, the efficacy would dissipate. But, the medicinal inscription symbol was forcefully fettering these forces in Lin Ming’s body. Another effect was that this increased Lin Ming’s suffering!

The Golden Snake Scarlet Pill was cold like arctic ice, and eating it had made him feel like he had fallen into the ninth level of a deep, icy abyss. But this Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill was hot like fire, and eating it made him feel like he was committing suicide by running into ten thousand raging infernos; the burning pain was difficult to endure!

Ling Ming felt as if his entire body was burnt until it was overcooked, and then he felt a pain like there was a hard brush brushing back and forth all over him. This excruciating misery nearly made him collapse.

At first, he was able to forcefully revolve the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’, but now, he was actually unable to revolve the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’! Such a debilitating pain was not something a human could endure. Even if Lin Ming had a strong heart of martial arts, he was unable to forcefully exercise his strength under these conditions.

The water in the tub began to get hotter and hotter because of Lin Ming. Soon, it began to boil, and emit a massive white cloud of roiling steam.

The bath barrel of water was boiling.

In the throes of such searing pain, Lin Ming was unable to comprehend the situation he was in. But at this moment, the innumerable tiny units in his body began to spontaneously exhale and inhale to absorb Lin Ming’s body heat.

The breathing of these tiny units quickly formed into the resonance of true essence. With this resonance, the trapped clouds of hot gas and heat in Lin Ming’s body began to disperse due to vibration, and Lin Ming’s pain began to lighten. “Mm? This is also…”

When Lin Ming had taken the Golden Snake Scarlet Pill, the tiny units in Lin Ming’s body had also spontaneously entered into the ‘Flow like Silk’ boundary, and their vibrations had dispersed the masses of cold air and energy in his body. As the cold air and energy was shaken up, it was easily absorbed into his body. Under these circumstances, it seemed the Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill was in the same situation.

The countless tiny units in Lin Ming’s body had already formed a cohesive resistance against this foreign enemy. This was their instinct; Lin Ming did not need to consciously direct them.

Without a doubt, this was an advantage of Strength Training’s ‘Flow like Silk’…

“The ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’ is truly a god-level cultivation method!” Lin Ming did not know how many times his heart had already given birth to such grateful feelings.

If it were not for the ‘Flow like Silk’ boundary, then the Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill would have been so burningly painful that Lin Ming did now know if he could have endured that long. When that happened, even if Lin Ming had fully managed to absorb the efficacy of the pill, if the toxic heat was retained in his body for too long, then it would cause damage to his meridians, and Lin Ming would need to take a long time to recover from that.

But now, under the help of ‘Flow like Silk’, Lin Ming’s body was able to absorb just like when he had taken the Golden Snake Scarlet Pill, and perfectly refine the efficacy of the Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill.

All that was left over was the absorption and consolidation process.

As time passed slowly, Lin Ming had already been in the bath barrel for two hours. During this time, the barrel water had been steaming hot.

With the refining of the drug in his body, Lin Ming’s inner true essence took a new step and permeated through all his organs. This was the Large Success stage of Viscera Training!

Lin Ming opened both his eyes and exhaled a long breath of steam. This breath mixed with the white steam that filled the room and formed a small whirlpool. With the whirlpool in the air, he kept breathing like this for several moments, and still did not show any signs of slowing down.

“To breathe like a snake and aspirate like an arrow was already the sign of Viscera Training’s Large Success, but I had achieved that in the early Viscera Training Stage. Now that I have taken the next step and reached Large Success of Viscera Training, my breath is like a vortex. In the memories of that elder, the person who practiced the true ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’ to the pinnacle was able to create storms that wreaked havoc with a single breath, and give a shout like the angry thunder of a god. They were truly a power that could pierce the heavens and shatter the earth.

After reaching Large Success in the Third Stage of Body Transformation, Lin Ming didn’t forget to test out his fist strength. These days, whenever Lin Ming’s strength had evolved further, he had checked his fist strength to compare how far he was from Ling Sen. This time was not an exception.

It was already late at night. The strength measuring room was empty. Lin Ming randomly picked a strength measuring stone pillar, and then shut his eyes and made a small prayer. He gathered his momentum, and then suddenly let loose a punch!


There was a dull sound, and the stone pillar began to wildly rock back and forth. The light beam jumped crazily, passed five feet, and kept rising!

5000 jins!

5100 jins!

5200 jins!

Finally, the light beam stopped at a quarter to six feet. His strength was 5300 jins!

Seeing this number, Lin Ming let out a long breath. His free punch had finally surpassed Ling Sen!

The ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ had broken through to the second-level, and matched with the Large Success of Viscera Training, Lin Ming’s fist strength had finally passed the critical mark of 5000 jins!

“At first, when Ling Sen had demonstrated his strength on the stone pillar for new disciples to see, he had let loose a random fist that was 4900 jins. But with Ling Sen’s personality, that fist he used to display his strength was at least 80% serious. Ling Sen’s highest fist strength should be higher than 5300 jins.”

“But regardless of how near my fist strength is to Ling Sen’s now, Ling Sen’s superiority doesn’t lie in his strength. His terrifying aspect lies in his fighting instincts and killing ability that he had cultivated from his Ashura martial intent. But my superiority is actually my strength. Not only is my strength inferior to his, but my combat prowess is far short!”

Those who had resolved their determination to pursue the peak of the martial arts path would often run into other powerhouses who would take them as enemies. They would analyze these powerhouses’ respective strengths and weakness, to see if they would win or lose if they were in a life and death battle.

Lin Ming was no exception.

Ten more days passed.


Lin Ming punched the base of a thick, big tree. The leaves sprinkled down as they fell. Lin Ming flicked Penetrating Rainbow, and moved his hands like lightning!

Cha cha cha!

In several breaths of time, those dozens of leaves had been completely pierced by Lin Ming!

But Lin Ming could not be like Hong Xi, where the fallen leaves had been so beautifully strung on the tip of his spear. He was able to grasp speed, aim, but not yet control of his strength.

Lin Ming simply did not pursue the control of power, what he was pursuing was directly the ultimate destructive power!

He let the vibrations of ‘Flow like Silk’ travel up the spear. The true essence vibrations of the treasure spearhead touched the falling leaf, and directly pulverized the falling leaf!

He was able to achieve this step because he had reached the Large Success in Viscera Training. His true essence had become thicker, his strength stronger, and his speed quicker. During the short time that he had digested the Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill’s efficacy, Lin Ming had used most of the time shares he had left for the seven major killing arrays. All he had left was about 6 hours.

“Not bad!” Hong Xi said from his side. Not even the disciples that had requested the strict Hong Xi were able to make him feel such appreciation.

“In these last 20 days you have managed to reach the Large Success of the Third Stage of Body Transformation. Your ethereal martial intent really makes one envious.”

The last time, Hong Xi had taught Lin Ming spear skills. After he had taught him how to improve his spear speed, he had left for ten days. After coming back, Lin Ming had unexpectedly reached the Large Success of Viscera Training. This made Hong Xi feel genuinely startled.

Lin Ming replied, “Instructor Hong, before now I had not taken the Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill, I had only eaten the Golden Snake Scarlet Pill. Several days ago I ate the Crimson Gold Dragon Pill. That is why I have had such progress since then.”

Hong Xi listened with a bit of surprise. It turned out that this Ling Ming had relied on just the Golden Snake Scarlet Pill to break through to the Third Stage of Body Transformation and defeat Zhang Cang. Everyone, including him, had thought that Lin Ming had eaten both pills together. This Lin Ming was just too difficult to explain with common sense.

Hong Xi said, “I would not have guessed that before now, you had only used a Golden Snake Scarlet Pill to break into the Viscera Training stage. If I’m not guessing wrong, then your body is very suitable to ingesting and absorbing valuable materials. Coupled with your ethereal martial intent, your future achievements really will be limitless. And that’s only because your natural talent is poor. If your talent was increased by two levels,  then I really can’t dare to imagine what it would be like!

“Well, starting today, for ten days, I will always be accompanying you as you train your spear. Your basic spear skills are already fast, accurate, and stable, but you are stilling missing one point, and that is change! Although spearplay is not as tricky or crafty as swordplay, but a spear has many more moves and varieties than a sword! The main attack methods of a sword are nothing but stabs, cuts, and slices. But a spear can do much more. A spear can stab, divide, sweep, circle, dance, and so on. I will not teach you fixed moves and routines. I will only have you achieve faster foundation spear skills through comprehensive practice, so that they are constantly changing!”

“Begin! I will suppress my true essence to be on a similar level to you. I will not show mercy! As Hong Xi said this, he flicked his long spear, aimed it at Lin Ming’s chest, and thrusted!

Hong Xi had only suppressed his true essence; he hadn’t suppressed his volatile strength. Lin Ming could not compare with Hong Xi, whose body was at the Large Success of the Pulse Condensation Period. Hong Xi’s spear speed was as fast as lightning. It instantly appeared in front of Lin Ming!

“Fast!” In that moment, Lin Ming had a clear feeling of the spear edge’s dense chill wavering in the air. It made the fine hairs on his body stand up.


Lin Ming grasped Penetrating Rainbow and swept out. His spear met Hong Xi’s reckless attack and they collided. Even though Lin Ming’s strength surpassed 5000 jins, his hand was still shaken numb by Hong Xi’s strike!

The strength of a peak Pulse Condensation Period martial artist was just too abnormal and perverse! If Lin Ming hadn’t channeled the vibrations of ‘Flow like Silk’ into Penetrating Rainbow, with just this strike, he would have already been defeated!

Chapter 100 – Viscera Training, Large Success

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