Chapter 973 - Long Live Sect Head (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 973 - Long Live Sect Head

Having finally killed Jiang Qisha, the pressure of the Firmament Slash disappeared and receded into Chu Feng’s body, returning the world to its former serenity.

Silence permeated the sky. Everyone quietly looked at Chu Feng and remained wordless.

Chu Feng, with his strength alone, killed the peak experts from the Immortal Execution Archipelago and even killed the three geniuses from the Holy Land of Martialism. His strength shocked others, and his actions had a devastating impact on the outcome of the battle

Everyone became convinced of Chu Feng’s power. Not only would they never forget his actions today, everyone else in the future—the Eastern Sea Region’s successors—would discuss this for years to come because his accomplishments were destined to be recorded in the books of history. He was fated to become...

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