Chapter 766 - A Calamity (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 766 - A Calamity

“Lord Zhan Feng!” When they saw Zhan Feng fall from the sky, his minions all rose up and wanted to catch him.


However, before letting them come into contact with Zhan Feng, the black flames in Eggy’s body surged out again, enveloping all of them inside.


Soon after, the Martial Lords cried out in agony. Like Zhan Feng before, they were feeling the pain of their Source Energy and cultivation being sucked away.

Like the events before that occurred to Zhan Feng, from vigorous youths, they rapidly became elderly people with white and grey hair whose lives were constantly in danger.

*poof, poof, poof…*

After their Source Energy were sucked away completely, Eggy didn’t kill them. Rather, she just dropped them onto the ground. The height was also just perfect—although...

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